SPOTLIGHT: Five Questions with Lisa Simpson

The Simpsons first-ever movie is out TODAY, and we got the way-cool, totally smart and brutally honest Lisa to answer some quirky questions about movies.

1. What movie refreshments do you enjoy?

The only refreshment I need is a bracing retort from a well-trained British actress. Also that’s all I can afford. What 8 year old can pay five bucks for a bag of Skittles?!

2. How many times has Bart ruined a movie for you?

Here’s a formula to calculate that: The Number of times Bart ruined a movie = (Total number of movies I’ve been to) - (Times Bart stayed home because he was grounded) + (Times he snuck out and came anyway).

3. As a committed environmentalist, how did you fool Homer into going to see An Inconvenient Truth?

I told him that the “Inconvenient Truth” in the title referred to a government conspiracy to phase out crunchy peanut butter.

4. What’s on your Netflix queue?

We’re not a “Netflix family.” We’re more of a “Hide in Flanders’ yard and watch whatever he’s watching” kind of family.

5. Does Springfield have any art theaters showing independent or foreign films?

It’s hard to do anything arts-related in a town where people routinely strike up conversations with trees. My dad once got in an argument with a Dutch elm...and lost.

BLOG ABOUT IT! So are you plannin’ to check out The Simpsons Movie? Do you find Lisa oh-so endearing with her vegetarian, saxophone-loving, straight-A ways? Who’s your fave Simpsons character? Tell us now!

7/27/2007 11:31:00 AM