PROM NIGHT: Meet Jessica Stroup!

Jessica got on the phone with GL’s Katie Abbondanza to talk all about her new movie Prom Night (out this Friday!), getting ready for the prom and her fave horror movie of all time.

GL: Tell us a little bit about your character, Claire.
Jessica: The character of Claire is actually a lot like me. She's forward, but she's girly. She loves to take pictures everywhere she goes. I'm so bad about it, because no matter what happens, no matter where I am, I have my camera and I'm taking pictures. Within 24 hours of us going out, the pictures are online somewhere.

GL: How’d you select this project?

Jessica: The whole movie is just so much fun for young audiences. When I read the script, it was different than anything I'd ever worked on before. And I knew we would definitely have fun working on it. It's stressful to be on set because of, you know, the intensity of the horror and blood everywhere. But this one, we had so much fun! We had game nights. You know, they wanted us to bond and to be a real group of friends. We actually still hang out. I probably see Kelly [Blatz], who plays my boyfriend, probably twice a week.
GL: Did you go to your prom when you were in high school?

Jessica: I actually went to 4 proms. I went to two different high schools, because I moved during my sophomore year. Both of the high schools I went to only had one major dance a year and it was prom. I know a lot of other high schools have, like, winter formals or things like that. But the only dance we had was prom. It was the most massive event. It was the only thing we really had to look forward to. For my senior year, [prom] was absolutely amazing. I went with a guy who lived in Virginia at the time. He actually drove all the way down and went with me. As lame as it sounds, he was kind of a model. Some of the girls had seen him in a magazine and they were like, "oh, my gosh!" It was kind of perfect for me. It was the best time. And the dress shopping...I spent four months looking for a dress! Finally I found one. Prom was really fun."
GL: Was the dress you wore to your prom like your dress in the movie?

Jessica: The dresses in the movie were all gorgeous, but for some reason, I got put in the short dress. I think maybe prom dresses are moving toward shorter. For me, prom is super classy. You wanna look the best. A short dress you can wear any night of the week. You can't always wear long dresses.
GL: Do you have any dance night tips?

Jessica: When you're getting your hair and makeup done, wear a shirt that buttons up. Never wear a shirt that you're going to have to pull over your head, 'cause you're gonna wipe off your makeup and you're gonna mess up your hair. That is the No. 1 key. My little beauty trick is always putting a shimmer in the corner of your eye. I think it really just opens up your face. I do that daily to look a little more awake.

GL: Horror movies—would you rather watch one or be in one?

Jessica: I grew up loving horror movies. Since I've been in the industry, and worked on a couple, now I know how they work. When I watch one now, I'm looking for where that little spot of blood went, all these weird little technical things. For me, it's not as fun watching a horror movie anymore. I'm still really into them, but it's just not as fun.

GL: What was your favorite horror movie?

Jessica: The scariest one for me was Pet Cemetery. I cannot get that one out of my head. I remember being in my brother's room and we had tons of animals and all of a sudden this cat comes back to life. I’ve never been so scared.

Prom Night, costarring Brittany Snow, opens April 11. Think you’re gonna check out this one? You got any fave horror movies? Comment below!

4/7/2008 1:19:00 PM