Manika talks fashion, fellas and fans

Caught a recent One Direction concert and noticed the bubbly, energetic, tutu-wearing sweetie getting the arena to their feet? Yep, that’s Manika.

The 18-year-old musical machine not only secured one of the hottest gigs this summer (opening for 1D!), she just released her EP The Middle of Hollywood and is hard at work finishing up her debut studio album.


We recently got a chance to chat up the stylista on her super-clean tour bus, where she shared all on her new tunes and colorful tour kicks.


GL: How would you describe your overall sound?

I am pop, but like to shake things up a bit—funky things people wouldn't expect. Like in my single “Just Can’t Let You Go,” I have beat boxing in it. You don’t expect that in pop songs. I also like to bring some of the dance music to my songs because I just love to dance. Pretty much every night I’ll just turn on the radio in my room and dance like crazy.


You just released your EP, The Middle of Hollywood. Which is your favorite track?
That’s really hard because they’re all my babies! I saw them grow up from an idea to a full out song. I guess “Good Girls” would be [my pick].


“Good Girls” is all about a guy. What’s one of the sweetest things a guy has done for you?

I just love the little things. They’ll text you, “Hope you’re having a nice day,” or, “Good morning, sunshine.” Cute little stuff like that can just make the world of difference.


Other than boys, what’s one thing that gives you butterflies at the moment?

When I’m about to go on stage and I look out and just see the fans filled out in the arena, all pumped up and screaming. That gives me butterflies! I just love that feeling and I’m like, "Oh my gosh, it’s gonna be a great show!”


What was it like when you heard the news you’d be opening for One Direction?

I think my voice was coarse for a week because I was so excited. I mean, going on tour with seriously the hottest boy band in the world right now? It’s just amazing!


We love your funky fashion! What are your go-to kicks on stage?

I went through a phase of wearing heels when I perform, but then I saw these amazing shoes that light up on the bottom when I move. I’ve been wearing those every performance now. And it’s kind of funny, some of the performances where the audience is closer, they try to tap my feet because they light up while I’m dancing. I’m like, “I don’t want to step on your hands!’”


Why should girls out there come and check you out in concert?

If you want to have a good time and just party, come out. I have beach balls and guitar picks I throw out into the audience. Everyone’s just having an amazing time and, I mean, that's what it’s all about. Music is just about having fun, being free, being yourself.


Be sure to catch Manika’s The Middle of Hollywood EP, available RIGHT HERE!


Catch Manika’s music video for “Just Can’t Let You Go” below…


Wanna catch this cutie on tour? CLICK HERE for a list of upcoming performances.


Have you caught Manika in concert? What’s your favorite song? Blog about it, babes.

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by Patricia McNamara and Kelly Gieron | 2/1/2016