The 5 funniest things Bella Thorne has ever said

Third time’s the charm for our December/January cover girl, Bella Thorne. Not only does she look #flawless on our latest cover, but she has an amazing personality to go along with her fab looks.

She’s inspirational, dedicated, loving and super funny. Here are just five hilarious quotes from the red carpet, in character, and even on Twitter, that help illustrate why we love B so much!


What’s one funny thing Bella Thorne has said that has totally made you laugh? Share in the comments below.

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    “I would shrink down a tiger, they’re so nice. I mean not like they’re nice, but they’re so cute.”

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    “I love my laugh. It’s loud and obnoxious and very unattractive, and I love it.”
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    “I'd run if I didn't have spaghetti in my shoes.”
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    “It's red! It's green! It's red! It's green! It's horrible! I look like Christmas threw up on my head!”
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    “When @rihanna says u are beautiful & u feel like ur insides exploded & u wanna pee your pants but try and remain cool. yeah that happened.”

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by Caitlin Moynihan | 2/1/2016