Meet the Clique Girlz (and win stuff, too!)

Sisters Paris and Destinee Monroe, along with Ariel Moore make up the new power pop group the Clique Girlz. The sisters met Ariel at school and they formed a group that has wowed industry officials and landed them a deal with Interscope Records. They've even opened for groups like the Jonas Brothers and the Click Five.

GL: Each of you has a “symbol” that represents you. Why did you pick that symbol and how does it reflect your personality?

Clique Girlz: Our symbols are a star, a princess crown and a heart. 
When Destinee was little, she had something in her eye and her mom took her to the doctor. The eye doctor said not to worry—that it was called a star. And she has been obsessed with stars ever since. 
Paris is the princess of the group and she always loved princesses so her symbol is a crown.
Ariel loves hearts because she always wants to help others and has a big heart.
GL: What was the most challenging obstacle you had to overcome in the past four years?

CG: Recording 90 or so songs for the album. It is a lot of hard work, but, in the end, it all pays off!
GL: What is your favorite set of lyrics from your new album? Why?

CG: Our favorite set of lyrics would be “you’re incredible” because it’s to our fans. We really feel our fans are so incredible to put us where we are today.

GL: What would you like your music to achieve in the future?

CG: We would like to see our music change people’s lives and help them to follow their dreams no matter how young or old they are.
GL: What is the most important thing you would like to share with your fans?

CG: They should find something that they love and are passionate about and make a career out of it.  Always follow your heart.
GL: What music, movies, and TV shows are on your must list?

CG: Bands—Tokio Hotel, Rooney, Paramore, Green Day and Flyleaf. 
Movies—Shine the Light (the Rolling Stones movie), Titanic, Forest Gump and Castaway.  We love Tom Hanks! 
TV—Instant Star and Degrassi.  


Be sure to peep the latest episode of Clique Girlz TV. Paris, Destinee and Ariel givin you a sneak peek into a day in the life of Clique Girlz as they find out all the juicy details about their new tour bus.

A Few of Their Favorite Things…

1) Favorite ice cream flavors
All of us love vanilla and chocolate first. We like strawberry too.
2) Favorite store
We don’t really have a favorite store because we love all stores!  We love to shop!
3) Favorite accessories
Our favorite accessories are necklaces and bracelets. We love silver and gold and anything that sparkles.
4) Favorite summer moment
Our favorite summer moments are all of the parties we would have at the beach. We were lucky enough to grow up by the beach in New Jersey.



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—Lauren Linhard

6/12/2008 4:11:00 PM