Stop everything: Mulan is getting a live-action remake

After all of the news we’ve been hearing lately about the new Emma Watson Beauty and the Beast movie, we’ve been pretty into our old Disney favorites. After all, old Disney flicks have totally had a resurgence lately with being remade into live-action films. 

In addition to BatB, there was also the new Cinderella, last year’s Maleficent and a even a couple Snow White films starring both Kristen Stewart and Lilly Collins. Now we can officially add Mulan to that list, and we can’t think of any other Disney movie we’d rather see come to life.

Mulan’s the story of a super brave, rad girl who dresses up as a boy to take her father’s place in the army so he doesn’t have to and, in the process, saves all of China. A girl who knows how to kick butt and stand up for herself? Totally cool.

Now that Disney’s bought a script for a new updated version, we can’t help but think about who would play the perfect Mulan. Jamie Chung took on the role in the ABC show Once Upon a Time and we definitely wouldn’t mind seeing her take another crack at it. 

Who do you think should play Mulan? Are you loving the live action Disney remakes lately? Let us know in the comments below.


by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016