ICYMI: "Bad Blood" is officially here, and it's officially awesome

We saw Taylor Swift's new poster for her "Bad Blood" Music Video when she shared it on Twitter yesterday and got the chance to meet "Catastrophe," Tay's character in the new vid. Now, we're getting the chance to meet even more of the Bad Blood characters.

Based off the design of the posters, it looks like Tay's new song will take on a Sin City-esque look, featuring all Tay's famous friends as bad girls who know how to kick some butt, and we bet they'll all rock it.  

Tay also tweeted a lil background info on the music video.


Update: In addition to a few fun bonus posters, we've now met the full cast, and it includes Zendaya as "Cut-Throat," Lily Aldridge as "Frostbyte," Hayley Williams as "The Crimson Curse," Gigi Hadid as "Slay-Z," Ellie Goulding as "Destructa X," Hailee Steinfeld as "The Trinity," Lena Dunham as "Lucky Fiori," Kendrick Lamar as "Welvin Da Great," Karlie Kloss as "Knockout," Serayah as "Dilemma," Jessica Alba as "Domino," Martha Hunt as "Homeslice," Ellen Pompeo as "Luna," Mariska Hargitay as "Justice," Cindy Crawford as "Headmistress," Cara Delevingne as "Mother Chucker" and, in the lead role, Selena Gomez as "Arsyn."

Update #2: Well, the Billboard Music Video Awards were last night, and you know what that means: Tay's "Bad Blood" video officially premiered, and we finally got to see all the stars in action as Tay's "Catastrophe" trained with her spy squad and eventually battled it out with Selena's "Arsyn." The outfits are all totally on point, the mini-fight scenes are awesome and the visuals in general are gorg. It was also awesome in general to see Tay get to hang out with all of her friends and some seriously awesome professionals in the industry. Watch it here.

What did you think of the video? Did it live up to all your expectations? Tell us in the comments. 


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  • badblood_taylorswift.jpg
    Meet Catastrophe
  • badblood_zendaya.jpg
    Meet Cut-Throat
  • badblood_lilyaldridge.jpg
    Meet Frostbyte
  • badblood_hayleywilliams.jpg
    Meet The Crimson Curse
  • badblood_gigihadid.jpg
    Meet Slay-Z
  • badblood_elliegoulding.jpg
    Meet Destructa X
  • badblood_haileesteinfeld.jpg
    Meet The Trinity
  • badblood_lenadunham.jpg
    Meet Lucky Fiori
  • badblood_kendricklamar.jpg
    Meet Welvin Da Great
  • badblood_karliekloss.jpg
    Meet Knockout
  • badblood_serayah.jpg
  • badblood_jessicaalba.jpg
    Meet Domino
  • badblood_marthahunt.jpg
    Meet Homeslice
  • badblood_taylorswift2.jpg
    Catastrophe take two
  • badblood_mariskahargitay.jpg
    Meet Justice
  • badblood_ellenpompeo.jpg
    Meet Luna
  • badblood_headmistress.jpg
    Meet Headmistress
  • badblood_caradelevingne.jpg
    Meet Mother Chucker
  • badblood_taylormartha.jpg
    Catastrophe vs. Homeslice
  • badblood_selenagomez.jpg
    The Star, Arsyn

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by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016