Exclusive: Which Disney star is back on tomorrow's new K.C. Undercover?

With all the guests stars Disney Channel's hit show K.C. Undercover has already had, it's hard to pick a favorite (seriously, how could we decide when there are choices like Bella Thorne and an upcoming episode with Raven-Symoné?), but Teen Beach 2's Ross Butler has definitely been one of them. And in the new episode airing this Sunday, he's back.

That's right, as K.C. works her way deeper into The Other Side while undercover, Brett shows up just in time—to be her new training officer. 

But Ross Butler isn't the only special guest in the episode.


There are also tons of furry friends as Marissa (Veronica Dunne) takes on a job as a dog walker. Between the adorableness of these pups (and Ross), this is an episode not to miss. And that's without even taking the increasingly crazy Other Side drama K.C.'s getting herself into.


Check out this behind-the-scenes picture of Ross and Zendaya filming on set.


What special guests do you want to see on K.C. Undercover next? Don't forget to catch this ep on Disney Channel tomorrow (7/19) night at 8:00 p.m.


Photos credit to: Disney Channel 

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by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016