Is Zayn Malik dissing One Direction with his new record deal?

There've been plenty of rumors about Zayn Malik's solo career post-One Direction split, but as far as any actual news goes, it's been pretty scarce. Today, however, Zayn fans heard an earful: Not only is he working on new music, he's also been signed to a new label. 

In an announcement on Twitter, Zayn shared with his 15.1 million followers that he's officially working with RCA Records and he's ready to get started making, wait for it, "real music."


Yeah, he went there. It's possible that Zayn didn't mean it the way it sounded and that he's excited to be working on music that's true to him and his experiences and sound rather than shared with four other boys who, let's be honest, all had their own styles and perspectives. But plenty of Directioners are taking this to mean that Zayn doesn't think 1D is making "real music" and that that's why he left.


We're not totally sure what Zayn meant (he looks so excited in his picture that it's hard to imagine he'd be feeling any negativity in those moments), but it's easy to see why some fans think he's throwing shade. Either way, as sad as we are that Zayn made the decision to leave the group back in March, we're pretty excited he's not leaving the music scene behind for good. We can't wait to hear what the real Zayn's music sounds like.

Do you think Zayn's "real music" comment was an insult aimed at One Direction? Are you excited to hear a solo album from Zayn?

Photo credit: Zayn Malik


by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016