Exclusive: Marissa gets Guy in tonight's K.C. Undercover

Another Sunday, another new episode of Disney Channel's hit show K.C. Undercover, and we've got a few exclusive pictures to share.

When another agent's son gets in trouble at the all boys' cadet academy, someone's gotta go in and make sure he's okay—and K.C.'s just the Guy for the job. When she and Ernie go undercover, she takes on the identity of Guy Hercules Mann and learns what it really means to be one of the boys.

But things don't go so smoothly when K.C. learns that the cadet academy has a serious bullying problem, and it's up to her to teach all the other boys what being a man is all about.


Watch the full "K.C.'s The Man" episode tonight on Disney Channel at 8:00 p.m., and don't forget to watch the full clip below where Zendaya's K.C. tells it exactly like it is. With a totally empowering and inspiring speech, you won't want to miss what K.C. has to say.

Have you ever stood up to bullies?

Photo credit: Disney Channel

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by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016