This might be the best #TBT news we've heard

Ready to hear something absolutely amazing? Nickelodeon's hit TV show Victorious just might be coming back for a victory lap—and we feel like we just won a million bucks!

That’s right: In an interview with Variety, Russell Hicks, president of content and development at Nickelodeon, spoke of possibly bringing back a few older, but well-loved shows, including the Victoria Justice-lead Victorious. He also mentioned Rugrats, an animated show about four adventure-seeking babies, and Mr. Wizard's World, a Bill Nye-like science show, among others.

In his interview, Hicks also mentioned they are hoping to bring the shows back in a new, fresh way. We're not sure what exactly that means, but we've got some ideas: What if Tori became a YouTube sensation? Rex the puppet gets an iPhone? Cat’s hair becomes a different color?! The possibilities are endless—and we can’t wait to figure out what they may be.

Instead of series, though, Hicks would want to visit our favorite stories as specials or even movies. And though we can't promise the characters will be back as we knew them (or that the actors will all still be available), we know any version of the shows we've always loved would be welcome on our screens.

(We’re secretly still hoping for that Drake & Josh reunion, too!)

What do you think of bringing back some Nick classics? What TV show do you miss most?


by Marin Langlieb | 2/1/2016