Exclusive: Jillian Lebling talks being an actress and Disney's Bridge of Spies

In Disney's Bridge of Spies, Jillian Lebling plays Peggy, the daughter of Tom Hanks and Amy Ryan's characters James and Mary Donovan, but it's hardly her first role. She's also played a young version of Megan Boone's character on The Blacklist and performed on Broadway in Once. We talked to the 9-year-old actress about shooting with Tom Hanks, being an actress and what A-lister she wants to work with next. Check it out.

GL: When did you first become interested in acting?

Jillian: I have loved performing for my family for as long as I can remember, but it was at an acting workshop in New York that I attended when I was 6 that I really got the feel for professional acting. I loved it.

GL: What's your favorite part about your character Peggy in Bridge of Spies? Do you have a lot in common with her?

Jillian: Actually my character Peggy is a lot like me: a sweet and playful young girl!

GL: What was a fun or funny moment that happened on set?

Jillian: There's a really fun moment where Mr. Hanks and I do a shopping cart dance together.

GL: We can't wait to see it! What part of Bridge of Spies are you excited for people to see?

Jillian: I am really excited for people to see this movie so that they can see a different time in history. I had a lot of questions about what was happening in the movie and was able to read more about it. I like learning about our history and think it is important. I hope it will excite kids to learn more about history.

GL: Us, too. Are there any other kinds of movies you want to be in one day?

Jillian: I really want to be in a scary movie!

GL: Are there any actors you'd particularly like to work with?

Jillian: I would really like to get the chance to work with Kevin James because he seems really funny and I think he would be so much fun on set!

Are you gonna check out Bridge of Spies when it hits theaters today (10/16)? What spy movie is your favorite?


by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016