Bella and the Bulldogs' Haley Tju dishes on her new movie Rufus

You know 14-year-old Haley Tju as Pepper from Nickelodeon's Bella and the Bulldogs, but did you know she's starring in a new movie premiering on Nick this Monday? That's right, you can catch Haley on Monday, January 18th at 7:00 p.m. as Paige, girl reporter, in the TV movie Rufus. In the flick, new kid Manny is struggling to make friends at school when, all of a sudden, his dog Rufus is transformed into a human kid—and Haley's character Paige can smell a story a mile away. We caught up with Haley to learn all about her character and the hilarious film. Check it out.

GL: So tell us about Paige!

Haley: Paige is a really intelligent, determined, and independent character, but at the same time she doesn’t really care what anybody thinks of her, she’s really dorky and has fun with her fashion. In the movie, I got to wear this one shirt and it looked like a piece of paper, it had all these writings on it and scribbles and it was so Paige.


GL: That sounds awesome. And that kind of ties in with how she’s a reporter for the school paper, right? What was it like for you to play a reporter when you’re usually on the other side of the interview?

Haley: It was really fun! She’s very determined to reach her goal as a real news reporter, and it was really fun to have that different experience because usually I don’t get to ask all the questions.

GL: Is there anyone that you would want to interview in real life?

Haley: Oh yeah, I would love to interview like every single actor out there, you know, just to get a different side of them. I always watch interviews on Youtube; I find them so fascinating to see other actor's real lives and how they got their parts and everything like that. I think it’s nice to see who they are as a person.


GL: What’s one question you would ask a celebrity that you were interviewing? 

Haley: One thing I would want to know probably why would you want to become an actor or an actress.

GL: So why did you want to become an actor or an actress?

Haley: I started acting when I was four years old and I did it because my older sister started doing it first. That’s how I got into and then when I hit that point in my life where I understood what I was doing and I could have the opportunity to keep going, you know, or give it up, I kept going because I realized my passions for it. I love developing a different character because I feel like everyone has all these different sides to them and it could bring out a different side of you that you never knew you had. 

GL: So what kind of character would you like to play one day?

Haley: I would love to play all different characters, but especially an assassin, like a ninja type. I think that would be awesome.


GL: Definitely. In this movie, Manny's best friend is his dog Rufus. What kind of pet do you think makes the best friend?

Haley: I’d have to say a cat. Yeah, I’m a cat lady. I love cats. I’m hoping to get my own cat maybe sometime this year. 

GL: Hopefully it doesn't turn into a person! 

If you were a reporter, who would you want to interview? Do you think your pet would make a great BFF?

Photos credit: Nick


by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016