Exclusive: Madison Pettis spills her Super Bowl strategy

We chatted with football-fan and fashionista Madison Pettis about her super Super Bowl Sunday for our February/March issue, and now we caught up with her again to find out all her big party plans. After recently unveiling her winning shirt design in San Francisco with the help of Kalin and Myles, she's ready to spend her Sunday right. Check it out.

GL: Who are you cheering on this Super Bowl Sunday, and how are you showing your support?

Madison: I'm cheering for the Broncos! Especially Peyton Manning isnce he's a legend and it might be his last game. Cam Newton is amazing too, but I Have a special place in my heart for "Peyton" since that was my character's name in The Game Plan, haha. I'll be snapchatting my support during the game, so stay tuned to my snap: madpettis!

GL: Awesome! How else are you celebrating?

Madison: One of my friends who's originally from Colorado and is a huge Denver Broncos fan is having a Super Bowl Party! So I'll be there cheering and eating super bowl snacks.

GL: That sounds awesome. What are you guys chowing down on?

Madison: Chicken wings, BBQ and cute Broncos-inspired desserts.

GL: What's it been like being in San Francisco as they get ready for SB50?

Madison: Last weekend there was such a fun energy int he city. Everyone was excited and getting ready for the game. There are Super Bowl signs literally everywhere. I loved seeing people's street styles walking around San Francisco. I saw a ton of people wearing Broncos and Panthers gear, and I loved seeing how they styled their outfits!


GL: Speaking of style, we love your winning SB50 shirt design. What's your favorite part about your shirt?

Madison: I love the feminine fit of it—I think it's super flattering! Baseball-style tees like that are my fave. Plus, the colors are so versatile and go with so many different things.

GL: What's the most exciting part of game day?

Madison: One of my favorite parts is the halftime show! I'm sure Coldplay will be amazing, but I'm most excited for Beyoncé to kill it like she always does! She's everything.

GL: Definitely! Which players would make it in your fantasy football roster?

Madison: Since my fave team is the Patriots—Tom Brady, of course! Julian Edelman from the Pats for my wide receiver. And C.J. Anderson from the Broncos for my running back.

GL: Sounds like a winning team to us!

How are you celebrating the Super Bowl this Sunday?

Photo credit: Madison Pettis


by Chelsea Duff | 2/7/2016