Valentine's Date Cutie Countdown: Isaak Presley


It's nearly Valentine's Day and we've got a whole week of crush-worthy content, including this Valentine's Date cutie countdown. We reached out to six boys we're crushing out to fill out our so-sweet survey about all of their holiday faves. Check it out.

Cutie: Isaak Presley
Why we're crushing: We're beyond excited to see this too-funny 13-year-old as Harley's older brother Ethan in Disney Channel's Stuck in the Middle (premiering tomorrow on Valentine's Day!)—and it doesn't hurt that he's just as silly and sweet IRL.

What's your favorite love song?
"Yellow" by Coldplay

What's your favorite romantic movie?
The Notebook

What's your ideal Valentine's Day date?
My ideal Valentine’s Day date would be to go horseback riding at my ranch and then stay in watching romantic comedies and eating pizza.

What's the cutest way you've ever asked someone out?
I've never actually asked anyone out, but when I was five, I had this babysitter who I had a huge crush on, so I went out to my garden that day and picked a bunch of flowers for her. When she showed up that night, I gave them to her and we had a "date" in my kitchen eating macaroni.

What's the cutest way you've ever been asked out?
I've never been asked out but hopefully someone as lonely as me will ask me out someday! ;)

What's your favorite Valentine's Day treat?
See's Candies dipped in vanilla Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

What's the best Valentine you've ever gotten?
A secret admirer once ding-dong-ditched my house and left a basket filled with treats and a movie. (It was Harry potter, I think!)

What was the best Valentine you ever gave?
In second grade when I went to regular school I gave someone a box of chocolates. What can I say? Been breaking hearts since 2nd grade. ;)

Chocolates or conversation hearts?
Conversation hearts for sure.

Flowers or a teddy bear?
Teddy bear!!

Asking someone out or being asked out?
I'd have to say asking someone out.

Movie date or ice skating?
Ice skating, that way I have a solid reason to hold your hand.

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by Chelsea Duff | 2/13/2016