Coding with Karlie? We're so there.


Ever wondered what it takes to make all your favorite apps like Instagram or Snapchat? Now you can find out with supermodel Karlie Kloss.

Apps start out as code, a computer language that writes programs to design applications and websites and tell them how to work. And coding is something Karlie knows a little about, especially as a student at the Flatiron School.

"Whether we realize it or not, code touches everything we do," explains Karlie. "From how we shop and learn to how we communicate with our friends and family. Women today represent only 18% of all computer science graduates. That's not enough!"


Karlie's taking the matter into her own hands. After last year's offer of scholarships for Flatiron, this year she's going one step further.

"Over the past couple of years, I started taking coding classes and realized how creative coding really is," she says. "That's why I started Kode with Klossy to share this experience with you.

Kode with Klossy is a new two-week long summer day camp where girls ages 13-18 can learn to code right alongside her. Lessons include developing your own app, learning software engineering and introductions to programming languages. Karlie believes having the power to create something out of nothing is the most empowering feeling, and wants to give girl coders of all kinds (beginners or experts) the chance to apply. All you have to do is share a 60-second video telling Kode with Klossy what you dream of doing with your new coding skills. 

Check out Karlie's video below to get all the deets.

Have you ever tried to code? What do you think about Kode with Klossy?

Photos credit: Karlie Kloss


by Montez Jennings | 3/31/2016