Celebrity Lyndsey Rodrigues speaks out on acne

“Oh my God! That pimple is huge! My date is tonight!”
“I would breakout the day before prom.”
“How am I supposed to go to school like this?”
We have all gone through those times when pimples, breakouts and acne run our lives. And it always seems to happen at the worst times! You wake up, ready for another day of school, and then—BAM! You have a giant zit on the tip of your nose! Yeah, we have all been there. Even MTV’s Lyndsey Rodrigues (and now she has a modeling career!).

Lyndsey has come a long way from the shy girl, held back by acne. She is getting ready to launch a new campaign called Acne Rumor Control with the goal of busting some of those acne myths. Here is the story behind her campaign and some tips to get healthy, beautiful, pimple-free skin!
What was your experience like growing up with acne?

I had acne as a teenager and I had it as a 22-year-old as well.  I was 16 the first time I broke out with pimples, and it was concentrated on my cheeks. It was not like I could put my hair over it to hide it—it was there for all to see. It made me feel awful and really self-conscious. I didn’t want to go out on dates or to parties, or even to the mall with my friends for a coffee. I just wanted to hide at home. And then I experienced the same situation when I was 22. There was no way I could hide because my job on live TV every day.
I finally went to the doctor and he prescribed me Differin to help clear up my blemishes and prevent new ones from forming.  I love only having to use one convenient treatment now and not having to worry so much about getting a zit before my favorite band comes on the show. 
Were you ever teased because of your skin?
I was never directly teased because of my skin, but regardless, it affected my social confidence. I avoided social situations so I wouldn't have to risk being teased. It certainly made going to school every day very daunting.

What advice do you have for girls going through the same thing?

Go straight to the doctor so he or she can treat the root cause of the condition. I waited too long and suffered for it unnecessarily. Your doctor can prescribe medication that will help clear up current acne and prevent new pimples from forming. If you were really sick, you would go to the doctor to get medication. I think you need to treat your skin the same way. 
What have you learned about the acne products out there?

I used to believe that I could buy a product that would clear up my pimples overnight, but I learned that acne is a long-term skin condition and it takes more than a quick fix product to tackle the problem.
What tips do you have for caring for your skin?

When it comes to acne, don’t wait as long as I did to go to the doctor. Talk to your parents about going to the doctor to find the treatment options that are best for your individual skin type.
You should also remember to follow a healthy skin care routine in general. I wash my face with a gentle cleanser and moisturize twice daily (I like Cetaphil). I also make a point to put on sunscreen before I leave my apartment every day. 

What can you tell us about your Acne Rumor Control Campaign?

I’ve just launched a new video contest called “Acne Rumor Control” to tell teens the truth about zits and what to do about them. The contest encourages teens to put their creativity to work by developing and entering a short video that busts a myth about acne. Teens can upload their videos on between July 8 and September 2, 2008.  The finalists will be announced in mid-September and everyone can visit the Web site to vote for their favorite.

The winner and one friend will receive an all-access VIP trip to New York City. They will get the star treatment with limo pick-up and dinner with me at my favorite celebrity haunt. They will also receive tickets to one of the hottest shows in town.
Check out to a download a personalized calendar widget to help track skin progress before a major social event such as homecoming or prom! There is also a behind-the-scenes video of Lyndsey sharing her secrets for clear skin.

—Lauren Linhard

7/8/2008 2:04:00 PM
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