Happy Birthday to Breanna Yde from the GL family


Last Saturday night, the Girls' Life team was lucky enough to swing an invite to GL girl Breanna Yde's birthday party. All night we hung out, sang karaoke, took crazy pics and hit the lanes. We also asked all your favorite Nickelodeon celebrities—including the full cast of School of Rock—some fun, birthday-themed questions. Check it out.

If you're following us on Snapchat (look us up at @girlslifemagGL), you also saw Breanna's birthday takeover and got your chance to join the party. Now it's time to set a bunch of birthday wishes Breanna's way.

Happy birthday, Breanna, from the whole GL family!

Got your own message for Breanna? Post it in the comments below.

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by GL | 6/17/2016
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