Is Harry Styles flying solo these days?


First Zayn, now Harry! Yes, Directioners we hate to say it, but yet another 1D member has signed a solo record deal. According to Billboard, Harry Styles has just signed a record deal with Columbia Records—the same label his currently-on-hiatus band One Direction is signed to.

But if you think about it, this isn’t quite so shocking. According to US Magazine, rumors of the star going solo started last year. When Harry registered four of his songs with the American Society of Composers, people started to realize something was up.

No news is out yet about the star’s up and coming plans for a solo album, but we’re sure he has something great up his sleeves. America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell even says that Harry has “great taste.”

We're excited for Harry, but worried about what this means for the future of 1D—who are supposedly still planning on reunited whenever they're done with their hiatus. Fans seem to be feeling the same way with all sorts of mixed feelings.

The boys of 1D have yet to release any official comment, but we'll definitely be keeping an ear out.

How do you feel about Harry going solo?


by Kristina Lee | 6/26/2016