The 6 celeb cuties we're crushing on this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is finally here—and so is the list of our most crush-worthy celebs for this romantic day! No matter how much you love or hate V-Day, these boys are sure to make you swoon with how cute and sweet they are. Click through the slideshow below to learn about the boys' most embarassing date moments, their VDay faves and the *one* movie they all love.

Just *try* not to go all heart-eyes, we dare ya!

  • jacobhopkins-tilt.png

    Get to know actor Jacob Hopkins right here.

  • amarr-tilt.png

    Everything you've ever wanted to know about actor Amarr M. Wooten is just a click away.

  • jacobb-tilt.png

    What's better than one Jacob? Two! Go here to find out why we're crushing on actor Jacob Buster.

  • karan-tilt.png

    You know this sweetie from Bunk'd, but how well do you know the real Karan Brar?

  • zach-tilt.png

    Wanna get to know singer Zach Clayton? Click here!

  • lance-tilt.png

    Last but not least: Lance Lim. Hmm, wonder what his fave love song is? Go here to find out.

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by Sydney Adamson | 2/14/2017