This "I Am Frankie" actress is so #relatable

This girl is the most #relatable actress, and you're going to heart her!

You've probably seen Nicole Nelson playing lead human, Dayton, on Nickelodeon's hit series I Am Frankie. The show, which premiered in September, tells the story of a teenage android who tries to disguise herself as a high school student. 

In the show, Nicole plays Frankie's best friend, guiding her through the experience of being a high school student—and a human. Every girl (or android) could use a confident, intelligent best friend like Dayton. Fitting in can be tough—especially for an android who's just learning about how judgemental people can be. Luckily, Frankie has an amazing bestie by her side!

"She's very confident, charismatic and super intelligent,"  Nicole dished on her character. "One of the things that really drew me to her was her ability to be unapologetically herself."

Nicole said the show has even inspired some fans to embrace their intelligence and not care so much about what other people think of them. She loves how I Am Frankie shows that being smart is awesome, not uncool.

"One of the messages that our show sends specifically that's very different from what I've seen in the past on television is that the smart kids in school are the cool kids, and that's not usually what it is," she said.

Not only is the show inspiring, it's great for the tech-obsessed, too. Nicole's go-to apps are Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, but now that she travels more often, she hearts using Yelp to hunt down delish grub. She's found amaze spots in Miami (where the show is filmed) and Los Angeles, her current home, but she says nothing beats the food in her homestate of Texas!

"The problem with loving Tex-Mex is you really can't get it anywhere except Texas," she laughed. BRB, jetting to Texas to get some tacos!

Have you kept up with I Am Frankie? What's your favorite thing about the show?


by Paige Sheffield | 10/23/2017
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