This Andi Mack character is coming out this season

We didn’t think we could love Andi Mack any more than we already do, but this show just got *way* better!

This fall, Disney Channel will be airing the channel’s first gay storyline on Andi Mack during the second season. The season will feature Cyrus Goodman (Josh Rush) coming to terms with his feelings for Jonah Beck (Asher Angel).

In the past, Disney Channel has featured gay characters in single episodes on shows like Good Luck Charlie and Doc McStuffins. The reason why Cyrus’s journey is so ground breaking is the fact we’re going to see all the moments of Cyrus realizing who he really is. This includes all the awkward moments leading up to it as well as the moment of acceptance and happiness with himself.

It’s amazing to know that one of our fave channels is taking another step to make their content even more inclusive and relatable to all of their viewers. TBH, though, as excited as we are to see where this storyline take Cyrus, we can’t help but be nervous for Cyrus’s friendship with Andi (Peyton Elizabeth Lee), since she's been totally crushing on Jonah since day one. Guess we'll have to watch to find out!

Be sure to catch the season two premiere of Andi Mack tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 27 at 8 p.m. ET on Disney Channel!

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Photo credit: Disney Channel/Fred Hayes


by Katlyn Pierre | 10/26/2017
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