Confession: We love True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet!


Joanna Levesque, aka JoJo, stars as Morgan, an out-of-control actress who moves to Middle-of-nowhereville to be a normal girl and get out of the spotlight. Girls’ Life got a sneak peak at True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet, and it’s not to be missed (it airs Saturday, August 9 at 9 pm on Lifetime). Plus, who doesn’t love JoJo?

GL: Why’d you decide to do this project?

It really couldn’t be more from who I am. So I felt that that would be something fun to play with and a very different, very different, role from myself to undertake. So I had a good time with it and I was in between albums and I figured lets give it a shot. And fun with the outfits and, you know, something new.

GL: Probably the only real similarity is that you have been in the public eye before and so has Morgan.

Yeah. I think the way she handles situations and the way she acted out is quite different from the way I handle things. Her relationship with her mother couldn’t be more different from mine.  I’m very close with my mom and, you know, she was just caught up in the negative aspect of Hollywood that I am not really involved with. I live in Massachusetts I have been finishing my high school here and working on my new album and stuff.

GL: You were in practically every single scene. What was that like?

That was a big challenge. I actually had a bit of a point where I totally freaked out because I was so absolutely stressed, because not only was I doing school at that time and I did at least five hours a day, and then I shot. And I was going through probably the worst time in my life with my skin, which is a really stressful experience for a 16 year old girl.


GL: I feel like Morgan was able to stand up for herself and say things most people only wish they could say in the moment.

Exactly. I think when you feel you are in a position of power, you get this confidence that nothing can touch you. And I think that she had this feeling of infallibility. And then she was obviously taken back down to earth. And she moved in with her pseudo-aunt and she’s like, “Wow, maybe I am not as cool as I thought it was.”

By Amanda Forr

8/9/2008 8:03:00 AM
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