Get to know Team 10's newest addition, Justin Roberts

We all know—and love!—Jake Paul's epic Team 10. From Alex Lange to Tessa Brooks, we could talk about these hilarious creators all day. But do you know anything about their newest member, Justin Roberts? Click through to get to know him!

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    You’ve hung out with some pretty amazing celebs, like Drake and Russell Westbrook. Who has been your favorite celeb to meet thus far? Do you have any epic stories?
    My favorite celebrity is Russell, who is a close friend of mine. He inspires me so much and he's such a genuine, amazing person. One epic story is how Russell surprised me for my birthday this year. He made me think he was going to be out of town and then all of the sudden he shows up at my party. I was so happy that he was able to come and I am so proud that he won NBA MVP this year. He's the best.

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    You and Rai are so cute! What do you two typically do when you're not making amaze videos?
    We enjoy just hanging out and spending time with one another! We love going out to the movies and to eat.

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    We heard that you’re planning on building a new house near the Team 10 one to replace your “temporary” tiny house. What's it going to look like?!
    I am in the process of designing the house now! It's so cool. It's going to be at least four bedrooms, so a lot bigger and way more comfortable than what I have now.

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    What’s it like to be a such a huge social media influencer at such a young age? What advice would you give to someone that wants to start making videos?
    It's so much fun! I am really enjoying myself. I try to make videos to make people smile and make their day better. My advice to anyone that also wants to start making videos would be to stay consistent—the more you vlog, the better you become!

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    What collabs can we expect to see now that you’re an official member? Spill some secrets!
    You will see me collaborating more with all of the members from Team 10. As far as what to expect, we like to keep the audience guessing, you never know what could happen next!

    Who's your fave Team 10 member? Welcome Justin to the Team 10 fam in the comments below!


by GL | 11/22/2017
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