Q+A: Arden Rose spills secrets from Mr. Student Body President season 2!

As the holidays creep closer and closer, student government is probably the last thing on your mind—but with the release of New Form's Mr. Student Body President season two, it should honestly be the *only* thing on your mind!

The second season hit go90 on Thursday, Nov. 30 (watch it here) and we haven't stopped fangirling since. Fueling the fangirl? Our convo with Arden Rose, the YouTuber, author and actress who plays Hadley Pulito on the hilarious and cheeky show.

"Everything gets a little more crazy in season two," Arden says. "We have a prom episode, a spring break episode, a flashback’s all bigger and better with higher energy and higher stakes!"

For secrets from season two, BTS on set and her amazing wardrobe, read on!

Girls' Life: What can viewers expect Hadley to get into this season. I mean, last season she was expelled, so...
Arden Rose: "Yeah! It was crazy. Season one ends with the cliffhanger of 'Oh, what going to happen to Hadley, is she going back to school, or what?” Within the first two episodes they kind of solve that pretty quickly. After that, it's all about her coming back with a vengeance against all the people that led her to be expelled and leave student government. She definitely wants revenge." 

GL: Hadley is so stylish. What's your favorite part of her wardrobe?
AR: "Actually, a lot of the jewelry that Hadley wears is mine—like the little handcuff bracelets, the little choker, any earrings she wears. The glasses that I wear were a pair of glasses that are almost identical to the ones that I wear in real life, and we did that on purpose. So, I’m basically wearing my glasses, my jewelry, and our wardrobe shopped my closet as well."

GL: We should've guessed that you had a hand in styling Hadley—she always looks so cute! What does it really mean to "shop your closet" though?
AR: "It basically means that our wardrobe girl Rick—who is amazing, by the way—comes over and she's like, 'Hey, I’m gonna come rummage through your closet and take everything that you like, and you’re not going to see it for six months.'" 

GL: What's your fave episode from the new season?
AR: "My favorite episode is episode three, which is a flashback episode where you see the genesis of Hadley and Tyler’s relationship. There are a lot of costume changes which was *so* fun, but it also shows who our characters are beyond the president and his chief of staff."

GL: What's your worst on-set habit?
AR: "They would always find me at the snack table. Like, anytime they needed me, I was always at crafty. It got to the point where they had to be like, 'Listen, this isn’t a hang out zone. Stop coming to crafty and making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.' It’s my kryptonite.  

You can watch Mr. Student Body President now on Verizon Digital Entertainment's go90 right here.

Who's your fave MSBP character? What show are you watching *right* now? Share below!

by Sydney Adamson | 12/2/2017
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