Q+A: Have the “Best Christmas Ever” with Jordyn Jones


Your favorite social media influencer is back at it again with a new single, just in time for Christmas. Yes, we are talking about Jordyn Jones! Get ready to listen to Jordyn's fresh track single, “Best Christmas Ever,” and fall in love ASAP. Trust us, you're going to need to update your holiday playlist as soon as you press play.

Want the inside scoop on the song and Jord's amaze plans for the holiday season? Read on!

Girls' Life: Give us all the deets on your Christmas single! What inspired it?
Jordyn Jones: OMG, it was so fun to make! I randomly one day was like, 'I want write a Christmas song.' So I told the idea to my manager and producer and the next week we were in the studio recording. I was in the studio while we were making the beat, too, which was so cool. We went through 100 different jingles and melodies and I picked everything, and I learned so much just by watching him. It’s a super-duper cheesy song, and it’s amazing.

GL: What's the inspo behind the song name?!
JJ: The funny thing is, every year my parents ask me, 'What did you think about Christmas?' and every year I say, 'It was the 'Best Christmas Ever!' I always say it because it's true—every year keeps getting better.

GL: What makes your Christmases *so* amazing! Fave tradition? Fave gift?
JJ: OK, so my family and I do our presents on Christmas Eve and Santa presents on Christmas Day. We do like a Christmas parade with our presents, which basically means we just dance around with them and carry them on our heads as we bring them from the tree to the couch. It's really silly [laughs]. And of course, we make a lot of food and it’s so good. I am obsessed with ham and mashed potatoes for Christmas—just comfort food for the family. I wish I could eat that that every day!

GL: Besides your song, of course, what else is on your Christmas playlist?
JJ: I mean Mariah Carey is Christmas queen so anything that she sings. When it gets close to Christmas I’ll literally listen to all the new pop songs, I love them. That's why I was so excited to make my own! I also really like Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me.” And “Jingle Bells," too!

GL: We also hear you have an AwesomnessTV show in the works. What can you tell us about that?
JJ: In the show I go back home to Michigan, so my fans will get to see basically everyone that inspired my life and made me who I am, from my parents to my instructors to my siblings. My godmother influenced my whole life just from the start, really. She was my performing instructor and she helped me whenever my mom and dad couldn’t, and obviously my parents have had such a huge impact on who I am today. You'll also get to see all my old photos and videos and fun stuff, which I can't *wait* for everyone to see. Then also my school teachers—they always believed in me and when I had to miss school and go to Los Angeles for work, and they were always super supportive of me, and now I get to go back and put on a show for them and my whole town. It's so cool.

GL: Are you and [your boyf] Brandon doing anything special for Christmas?
JJ: Of course! He’s sitting right next to me! He’s coming home with me for the show, so I’m showing him my old dance studio and everything else. We put up a Christmas tree and we’ve already watched Elf together. I got him some presents already, too! We did Thanksgiving at his house so he's going to be at our house for Christmas.

GL: Describe your 2017 in one sentence.
JJ: I’m going to call it 'The year of learning and watching,' because I was an observer all year. I’m a newbie when it comes to music, so I had a lot to learn from everybody. Next year I’m going to be releasing all of my music and it’s going to be good!

Are you going to listen to Jordyn’s “Best Christmas Ever.” Will you watch her new AwesomenessTV show? Let us know in the comments!


by Katlyn Pierre | 12/16/2017
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