Want to be a YouTuber? LaurDIY has *all* the tips you need


What do Halloween costumes, phone cases and slime all have in common? They’re all things that you can DIY in your home. Need some instructions on how to? One of our fave DIY YouTuber’s channel, LaurDIY (Lauren Riihimaki) can help.

Lauren has been sharing videos on YouTube since 2012, so she’s pretty much an expert. From her vlogs with her bae Alex Wassabi (Alex Burriss) to her super in-depth how-to room decor vids, we’re obsessed with her! That’s why we were so excited to chat with her about all things DIY. For Lauren’s thoughts on YouTube, getting crafty and her amazing onesies (peep that narwhal piece up there!), read on!

Girls' Life: What inspired you create a pajama collection with SleepRiot??
Lauren Riihimaki: I’ve always been a huge fan of onesies—I’m a perpetually cold person—so my collection has gotten pretty big over the years. In general, I’ve always been a lover of pajamas and loungewear cause being comfy is always my number one priority!

GL: You also have plushies, which sold out in a snap! Will we be seeing a restock of them anytime soon? 
LR: LOTS of fun things coming up with the plushies. They’re definitely not gone forever.

GL: What about your own merch? When can we expect to see that? 
LR: I’ve been working on perfecting clothing merch, so that should be launching sometime in January hopefully!

GL: What’s your favorite part about making YouTube videos? The worst? 
LR: Having creative freedom to make whatever I want is definitely one of the best parts about being a YouTuber. My fans are a huge inspiration when it comes to the themes of DIYs and they’re always supportive even when I want to try something new outside of DIYs. The worst part is the super small percentage of hate that I receive. It comes with the territory of putting yourself online, but there’s so much positivity to focus on that it totally erases all negativity.

GL: What’s been your favorite DIY that you’ve done on your channel? 
LR: I recently just did an indoor campfire with firefly lights that turned out even cuter than I expected it to!

GL: When did you start DIYing? Have you always loved crafting and making things for your room, etc.?
LR: I’ve been a crafter since day one. I think growing up as an only child had a big hand in that. I loved making homemade gifts around the holidays and always felt the need to customize things, like my school supplies.

GL: What’s your favorite thing to DIY? Home decor? Recipes? Clothes?
LR: Room decor for sure! Or Halloween costumes. So fun!

GL: Who are some of your favorite YouTubers? 
LR: MamaMiaMakeup, Alisha Marie, Alex Wassabi, Casey Neistat, David Dobrik, and Liza Koshy are all amazing!

GL: What is your advice to any aspiring YouTubers?
LR: Your first upload might be tough and feel awkward, but every single video after that will get easier! It’s definitely awkward vlogging in public for the first time or talking to the camera by yourself, but it’ll come naturally eventually—just keep at it!

Did you get your hands on a LaurDIY onesie? Do you want to be a YouTuber? Let us know in the comments!

by Katlyn Pierre | 12/13/2017
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