Just Add Magic's Olivia Sanabia gives us the scoop on season two!

On the long list of things we can't get enough of, sweet treats, empowering girls and quality, bingeable TV shows are at the top. Lucky for us, Just Add Magic hits *all* those marks. Even luckier? The Amazon Prime Video show about three best friends who discover a magic cookbook returns for the second part of season two this Friday, Jan. 19!

We talked to one of the show's leading ladies, Olivia Sanabia, all about playing Kelly Quinn, season two secrets, what makes her *real* life feel magical and more. Read on!

Girls' Life: Obviously there’s a lot of cooking in the show. Off-screen, do you like getting creative in the kitchen?
Olivia Sanabia: Actually, being on Just Add Magic helped me discover that I love to cook and bake. My family and I love to create our own recipes just out of random ingredients!

GL: That sounds so fun! Over the past few seasons, Kelly, Darby and Hannah have made tons of delicious treats. What’s your favorite recipe that you made on the show?
OS: One of my favorite recipes that we have made on the show is the Last Ditch Layer Cake. It had so much importance to the characters in the show and it's a personal favorite of mine to bake.

GL: What can we expect in this second half of season two? Can we get any hints about any future treats?
OS: The return of  is filled with your favorite JAM elements. Of course, it displays the amazing relationship between the girls, and it also dives into Kelly's family life a little more. Aside from that, there is a surprise that you definitely won't be expecting! This season also has the most delicious and unique recipes. A little hint is that it is mostly savory foods!

GL: If you could cast one spell from the show in real life, which one would you do?
OS: I would use the Healing Hazelnut Tart recipe. I have always loved and wanted to use it to be able to take away pain from anyone who is suffering.

GL: Do you relate to your character Kelly at all?
OS: I would say that I do relate to Kelly in some ways, but we're also different. She is definitely focused on her loved ones and that is my mindset as well, but Kelly often has a lot on her shoulders and she worries a lot. I try not to do that!

GL: What do you do when you’re *not* on set working super hard?
OS: When I'm not working, I love to just be with my family. We love to watch movies together and just find activities we can do as a family. I love shopping as well! I do love to bake with my friends, too. My best friend and I make the best cinnamon rolls ever.

GL: You also do some singing on your YouTube Channel. What’s your favorite song that you’ve covered?
OS: Yes, I love to sing and I have been for a while. One of the first songs I performed was called "All I've Ever Needed" by AJ Michalka. I once saw that song performed on piano and that was before I knew how to play piano. I knew I wanted to play that song once I learned piano. It was a rewarding feeling to post that video even though I was still somewhat new to piano at the time!

GL: What’s the most magical or mysterious thing that’s happened to you in real life?
OS: I would say that the most magical thing in my life is my family. They are my everything and they put magic into my life every day.

We can't wait to see Olivia in the premiere of Just Add Magic this Friday, Jan. 19 on Amazon Prime Video!

What's your favorite recipe to make? Let us know in the comments below.

by Kira Barrett | 1/17/2018
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