These Riverdale stars are headed to the big screen!

Even though we love watching the stars of Riverdale stir up trouble on the small screen, we're so stoked that so many of the show's actors and actress are taking over the big screen, too.

In their off-seasons, these much-loved faces are taking on action-packed, independent films and romances that, as die-hard Riverdale fans, we can't *wait* to see.

KJ Apa
Archie Andrews is embarking on a new adventure as a high-school graduate in the upcoming movie The Last Summer, which is slated to start filming this April. The rom-com will center around a group of post-high-school kids in Chicago the summer before they go to college.

KJ also co-starred in A Dog’s Purpose last year and played Kane Jenkins in his breakout role in Shortland Street, a soap-opera series in his native New Zealand.

Camila Mendes
Best known as the salty-sweet Veronica Lodge, Camila is taking on a new role set to be released at the SXSW Film Festival next month. Cami plays Morgan in The New Romantic, an indie film which focuses on a girl, Blake, giving up love in exchange for an older man who gives her gifts, according to SXSW.

Cami is getting exactly what she asked for with this role, too. “I would love for my next project to be a well-written, character-driven indie. Something intimate, low budget, and completely different from the well-oiled machine of network television,” she told People Chica in September of last year.

Hayley Law
AKA Valerie on Riverdale, Hayley is *also* in The New Romantic, playing the role of Nikki. But that’s not all she’s up to. Hayley is also set to co-star as Spontaneous, the film adaptation of Aaron Starmer’s popular novel where she portrays Mara's (Katherine Langford of 13 Reasons Why) best friend, Tess. The duo awaits spontaneous combustion (literally) after members of their class randomly explode around them.

Cole Sprouse
The brooding Jughead is also jumping to the big screen. Cole will star in Five Feet Apart, a romantic drama about two people recovering from a serious illness—seemingly similar to John Green's The Fault in Our Stars. No other cast members have been announced for the CBS Films’ production yet, but shooting will most likely begin in the spring.

This is Cole’s first time on the big screen in nearly 20 years, since he played Adam Sandler's son in Big Daddy.

Lili Reinhart
L just finished up Galveston, an action-packed flick where she plays Tiffany, a girl who's trying to track down Roy (Ben Foster) in an attempt to figure out her past. The movie is in post-production, so be on the lookout for a release date! Aside from playing Betty Cooper, Lili has been in a number of shorts, series and movies since 2010 such as Miss Stevens alongside Anthony Quintal (lohanthony) and Timothée Chalamet and The Good Neighbor.

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by Alyson Trager | 2/1/2018
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