The Andi Mack cast reveals fave moments from season two!

Friday night's *big*, one-hour episode of Andi Mack had us feeling, well, all the feelings. At Cyrus' Bar Mitzvah, he came out Andi and—omg—the support that Cyrus received was touching. Andi and Buffy also performed an *epic* dance tribute for him, and Andi and Jonah had a few v. serious conversations.

This was the last ep of the season until summer, so we had to ask the cast: What's your favorite moment from season two thus far? (Spoiler alert: this cast is totally on the same wavelength!)

Peyton Elizabeth Lee (aka Andi)
"When Cyrus comes out to Andi. It's a really special moment because her response—it's so simple and comforting because Cyrus is no different, he's just coming into who he's always been."

Sofia Wylie (aka Buffy)
"The first episode of season two when Cyrus came out to Buffy. It was a big moment, but didn't define the show. We were still able to explore different storylines to each of the characters!"

Joshua Rush (aka Cyrus)
"I'd probably have to say the line [from Cyrus] that instigates,'You're no different' which is, 'I feel weird, and I feel different.'

Lilan Bowden (aka Bex, Andi's mom)
"I'm really excited by Cyrus' storyline and character. I'm excited to see how he grows now that he's discovered he likes Jonah and doesn't want a girlfriend."

What's been *your* fave moment from season two so far? Discuss in the comments!


by Sydney Adamson | 2/26/2018
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