We played "This or That?" with Andi Mack's Peyton Elizabeth Lee

Tonight's the night, Andi Mack fans: season two comes to a pause at 8 p.m. EST on Disney Channel with a special one-hour episode "Cyrus’ Bash-Mitzvah!”

After much prep, planning and anticipation, Cyrus’ Bar Mitzvah festivities commence! Andi and her friends and fam all join him in the celebration, which is full of landmark events—and for more than just Cyrus. No spoilers, *but* this is a heart-warming, friendship-filled night you do not want to miss!

We know you'll be be sad to see the show go for now (this is the last new episode until the season picks back up in June), but worry not: this week AM was officially renewed for a third season to begin later in 2018!

To celebrate, we had to get silly with the show's star, Peyton Elizabeth Lee, 13, with a game of "This or That?!"

Harry Potter or the Hunger Games?
Hunger Games, I loved those books and movies!

Puppies or kittens?
I would have to say kittens. I mean, dogs are amazing, but there’s something about little kittens that I *love*.

French fries or tater tots?
French fries. They're both great, but...

Scooters or bikes?

Cake or pie?
Cake, of course!

Mini-golf or real golf?
Mini-golf, I’m terrible at real golf. I mean, it’s just so hard!

Headbands or hair clips?

Descendants or High School Musical?
High School Musical.

Spring or fall?
Ooh, probably spring. I love all the fashion.

Mhm. Short hair or long hair?
Oh gosh, I love them both!

Catch an all-new ep of Andi Mack tonight at 8 p.m. EST on Disney Channel.

Who's your fave Andi Mack character? Tell us why in the comments below!


by Sydney Adamson | 2/23/2018