Breanna Yde says goodbye to School of Rock

Everyone knows (and loves!) Breanna Yde as Tomika from Nickelodeon's School of Rock. And with  the series is coming to a close on April 8—we know, we're devastated, too—we sat down with Brea to take a walk down memory lane and chat about some of her favorite moments on the show.

Favorite part of playing Tomika
"My favorite part...has been getting to know her," Breanna said. Tomika is a sassy tomboy who kills it on the bass. Plus, she has a set of lungs that complement any song choice. Another fave? Getting to be so sassy through Tomika. "We had a great cast and everyone really played off of it well," she said about her character's 'tude. 

Favorite song from the show
"I really loved performing “Victorious” by Panic! At the Disco," she said, during the season three episode "Heroes and Villians." 

Favorite part of being on the show
"For me I think I just really enjoyed getting to learn more about music production...every week we would go to the studio and record a song," Breanna explained. She had never been in a music studio before coming on the show and she knows she probably wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to learn as much as she did if it hadn't been for School of Rock.  

After three years of shooting together, she said the the cast is basically her extended fam! It wasn't until the crew said "that's a wrap" that Breanna realized it was actually coming to an end. But don't worry, the crew still keeps in touch. "We still have some stuff like movie nights and stuff so we still hang out," she said. The show's director even organized a watch party for the finale this Sunday.

Favorite part of the series finale
"We’ve got three awesome guest stars, a huge performance at the end, and Dewey old band comes back, which is kind of the big point [of the episode]," Breanna shared. Though she didn't totally spill which songs woud be performed, she did hint that we are going to rock out to every single one. She also told us that Pete Wentz from Fall Out BoyPatrick Monahan from Train and Jack Griffo from The Thundermans will all make an appearance in the final episodes—and we're *totally* freaking out!

So, what's next for Breanna? She definitely wants to continue a career in music, but she's still trying to figure out her sound. But one thing we can count on? She'll definitely keep working toward her goal of being a musician. Yasss, girl!

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Photo credit: Joe Scarnici


by Alyson Trager | 4/4/2018
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