Dove Cameron's recent vent sesh on Insta is so inspiring

Our fave Disney star just lit up our feeds with her empowering revelations about social media.

Dove Cameron delivered a dose of much needed inspiration on her Insta story yesterday when she spoke the #truth about social media (so meta!).

Dove revealed that she hates how out how social media can have a negative effect on people. “I really hate how Instagram makes me feel," she says. "Whether I'm looking at other people's lives or how I portray my life, I just hate the whole thing... I hate it.”

The Descendents star continued to talk about what it feels like to have your life broadcasted online. “I think that there’s something super wrong with staring at other people that much and I think there’s something really wrong with staring at yourself that much, it’s like walking around with a mirror up to yourself all day long.” 

She *did* acknowledge one of the upsides to social: “There are loads of examples of how [social media] has been used for good and when it's brought people together and I know all of that, but that’s not exclusively what it is.”

Whether you agree with Dove or not, she definitely makes some good points. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Photo credit: Instagram/Dove Cameron


by Cassie Doyle-Hines | 6/1/2018
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