Twelve times Zendaya was super adorkable

We shed a tear or two after the the final eposide of K.C. Undercover back in Feburary. However, we jumped for joy at the announcement of her new lead role in a new HBO show, Euphoria.

We can'y think of a better way to celebrate Zendaya's success than by reminicing on all the times she made us fall even more in love with her...if that's even possible. 

1. When she showed us her killer dance moves in the car.

2. When she discussed farts with Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron on The Granam Norton Show.

3. When she revealed how...not helpful...she is in the kitchen.

4. And really just anytime she tweeted...

5. When she got real about the struggles of #adulting on Live with Kelly and Ryan show.

6. Anytime she shows love for her litttle niece.


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7. Again with her dance moves. We're in love!


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8. Her not so casual way of telling us she's on the cover of Vogue was so adorkable.


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9. Oh and when she killed her Bruno Mars performance at Lip Sync Battle.

10. When she showed off her love for her cute pup.


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11. And let's not forget how genuine and goofy she is, well, always.


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12. Let's be sure not to cross Zendaya. She let those balloons know who's boss.


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What's your fave Zendaya moment? Sound off in the comments!


by Joy Cato | 6/28/2018
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