Grace VanderWaal just became the youngest artist to do *this*

A round of applause for Grace VanderWaal!

The 14-year-old just announced her line of Signature ukuleles with Fender Guitars, and we are obsessed. The singer-songwriter is the brand's youngest Signature artist *ever.* Obvi the "I Don't Know My Name" singer has a track record for greatness. I mean, she did win America's Got Talent at just 12 years old. NBD!

But what exactly does this cool collab with Fender consist of? Find out below...

Why make ukes of her own?
For Grace, the decision came down to one thing: her supporters. "My fans impact my decisions a lot, and I've been hearing that they wanted me to make ukuleles," Grace says. "That definitely made me want to make them!" 

What makes these ukes so great?
Grace helped design them! Yes, "them." She didn't make just one, she made two ukes: the Signature Ukulele and the Moonlight Ukulele (like the song!). Each basically looks like a baby guitar and has her signature on the back. 

"The electric one—the Signature ukulele—is absolutely better for performing," Grace says. "It goes with everything, it's cute and brown, but most importantly it has a plug in for performing. I've tried to play the uke with just a mic up to it on stage and it's not fun. The mic will squeak and it's awkward for the audience and awkward for me. But when I'm writing or playing by myself, I lean toward the Moonlight uke."

When will the ukes be available?
You can purchase the ukuleles starting on Oct. 2. If you pick one up, you'll recieve a 30-day free trial of Fender Play to learn how to play Grace's songs like “I Don’t Know My Name,” “Just a Crush,” “Clay,” “Gossip Girl,” “Light the Sky,” and “So Much More Than This" with your purchase!

Why Grace thinks you should get creative
"I don't think there's any such thing as not being creative enough," Grace says. "I think people just associate creativeness with singing or something like that, but your creativity can be expressed in so many ways—like painting or singing or decorating or drawing or cooking or baking or designing or picture collaging. My biggest piece of advice is to just try everything. Don't limit yourself."

What's *your* fave Grace VanderWaal song? Sound off in the comments!

Photo credit: Getty Images for Fender

by Sydney Adamson | 9/14/2018
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