Olivia Sanabia dishes deets on Disney Channel's newest show

After tons of commercials, guest-starring roles on Sam and Cat and Incredible Crew and a starring role on Just Add Magic, the ever-so-talented Olivia Sanabia is back! Tonight, she'll grace our screens on the series premiere of Coop & Cami Ask the World. 

The Disney Channel show follows two sibs who host a massively successful online show called Would You Wrather that aims to help their viewers (Wrather-heads) make life decisions. The pair is played by Dakota Loftus (Coop) and Ruby Rose Turner (Cami). Olivia plays their older sis, Charlotte.

Before you watch, let's get to know Olivia a bit better...

Girls' Life: We're super excited to see you on Coop & Cami! Do you relate to your character Charlotte at all? If so, how are you similar?
Olivia Sanabia: I am like Charlotte in some ways. We both are passionate people and love our siblings. We also both love music! 

GL: It's so sweet that you're so family-oriented. Is Charlotte's on-screen relationship with Coop and Cami anything like your real-life relationship with your siblings?
OS: Charlotte loves her siblings so much, but she tends to get annoyed with them more than I do with my siblings.

GL: Speaking of Coop and Cami, you obvi spend a lot of time during filming with Dakota and Ruby. What's your fave moment from the set? 
OS: So far I've just loved hanging out with everyone. We love to make each other laugh and goof off!

GL: Similarly to Disney Channel's Bizaardvark Coop and Cami are social media influencers. If you had your own web show, what would you call it? What would you share on it?
OS: If I had my own web show, I would definitely call it “Livitup” I love watching beauty gurus and lifestyle bloggers on YouTube, so I think I would make a channel where I give advice, beauty tips, and other lifestyle tips.

GL: What’s something that fans would be surprised to learn about you? Do you have any hidden talents?
OS: I think fans would be surprised to know that I love all aspects of music. I love to sing, play instruments and I *love* musical theater! Being on Broadway is one of my biggest goals. My hidden talent is that I can talk and sing with my mouth closed. It's crazy!

Tune into Disney Channel tonight at 8:30 p.m. EST to see Olivia on the series premiere of Coop & Cami Ask the World.

Photo credit: Ryan West, Disney Channel


by Logan Potter | 10/12/2018
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