Which Olympic Sports are Favored Among the Stars?

The Olympics are well underway. In fact, pretty much over! You got a peek at which sports us GL girlies have totally been tuning into (see Editor Obsessions), but what about your fave celebs?

While the talented and athletic Disney stars from all over the globe took a breather from their intense Disney Channel Games, we decided to ask them ourselves. Read on…

Moises Arias: The overall Olympic watcher

One sport is just too hard to pick for cutie Moises. “I am a big sports guy,” he told us, “I like to watch anything.”

Jumpin’ for gymnastics

Like many of us, celebs are obsessed with what’s happening on the floor and vaults.

“I’m a big gymnastics fan,” said Wizards of Waverly Place’s Jennifer Stone. “Those guys and girls work so hard!”

Minutemen’s Chelsea Staub agrees: “I love watching men’s gymnastics. Just watching their arms is the most fascinating thing in the world to me.”

So does actor Shin Koyamada: “[I love] gymnastics! Either the floor or parallel [bars].” Wonder if Shin is happy that his home country of Japan snagged the silver this year in the men’s team finals?

On Track with Track & Field

Other stars, like Alyson Stoner and Dylan Sprouse, are glued to what’s happening out on the track.

“[I love] track and field,” Alyson told us. “I like the sprints. My friend is a sprinter so I get to get inside her head and learn what it takes to be a sprinter. It’s amazing! It’s so empowering the way they get to control their body, the agility, the balance, the strength, and the precise movement.” 

Dylan Sprouse is more for the distance. What’s his favorite event? “Long jumping. It’s something that has always really fascinated me.”

And what about Life With Derek Canada’s Michael Seater? “That’s so hard!” he moaned when asked our infamous question. “That’s the weird thing. I don’t watch sports. I might watch a lacrosse game, but when it comes to the Olympics, I’m glued. I need to know everything that’s going on. I love the marathons, because it’s like an all day show, and hurdles. There’s some danger there.”

Which Olympic sport have you been routing for all along? Let us know! And don’t forget to tune into the Disney Channel this Saturday at 8:00pm ET/PT to catch the 2008 Disney Channel Games. There are only two weeks left! 

-Patricia McNamara and Katie Abbondanza
8/22/2008 7:41:00 PM
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