Elias Harger says he wants *this* actor to guest star on Fuller House

ICYMI, Fuller House season four dropped last Friday. Basically, Christmas came early, and we spent all of last weekend binging the brand new eps and LOLing at the Fullers, Tanners and Gibblers. 

Each season, one amaze character stands out among the rest, and this season's star is Max, played by Elias Harger. Fuller House is the 11-year-old actor's big break, and he's proving that not only is he downright adorable, he's also completely hilarious.

This compilation of amazing Max moments is all the proof you need:

Elias says that with season four, we get more of the Max we know in love, but he definitely taps into his emotional side from time to time, especially in the first episode.

"I am so happy viewers have responded so positively to Max!" Elias gushes. "He’s a good role model for kids: He likes school. He cares about the environment and social justice. He stands up for his family and friends, and he’s a dog lover! I also love that he’s got a sarcastic sense of humor." Us, too!

While Elias hearts his TV fam (and with a crew as funny as them, how could you not?!), there is one person he's *love* to feature on the show. "I really want a chance to act with my little sister, Colyse, on Fuller House. She’s an actress, too. I think she’d make a great character on the show—maybe a kid Ramona babysits or a kid at a birthday party that Kimmy organizes? They could totally work it out!"

Crossing our fingers for ya, Elias!

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Photo credit: Courtesy Elias Harger; Mike Yarish / Netflix


by Logan Potter | 12/20/2018
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