Listen to Baby Ariel's new single, "wildside"

Baby Ariel just made our weekend with the release of her new single, "wildside."

The incredible new track is a perfect fall bop and the official music video showcases Ariel's wide range of talent. Not only does she—obviously—provide the song's killer vocals, but she also stars in and personally directed the dreamy music video. Oh, and if the song sounds instantly familiar, it's because it features an interpolation of Lou Reed’s classic "Walk On The Wild Side," which is proof that Ariel knows how to mix modern and classic vibes like a pro.

What we love most about the song and its video though is its message. When it comes down to it, "wildside" is a reminder that it's always okay to be yourself—even if you don’t know who you are just yet.

And, if you need more Baby Ariel in your lie (who doesn't?), you'll be able to see the Chicken Girls star all over your TV next year when she stars in Zombies 2 on Disney Channel.

Watch the official "wildside" music video below:

See more of Baby Ariel's videos on her official YouTube channel here.

by Kayleigh R. | 10/11/2019
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