Selena Gomez released a surprise track and fans are *shook*

S.O.S., Selena Gomez just released a song about cheating and fans are convinced it was inspired by Justin Bieber.

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You may remember "Feel Me" as a song that Selena previously performed on her 2016 "Revival" tour, right smack-dab in the middle of her on-again/off-again relationship with Bieber. Fans loved the live version, and have been clamoring for an official version ever since. Selena *finally* delivered earlier this week...and the video already has over 3 million views...#micdrop.

At the time, Selena said the song truly came out of nowhere: "So one night, I was really irritated and I wrote this whole song." With lyrics like, "Everytime your lips touch another / I want you to feel me," Sel was obviously working through the emotions that come when dealing with a cheating significant other. Rumors of Justin's infidelities have simmered for years, and when you consider the 2016 timeline, it's *pretty* clear who she was a pointing a finger at. You tell him, girl!

While 2020 Selena seems confident and happier than ever, we applaud her decision to release such a personal song to her fans—it always feels good to find a creative outlet to get something off your chest.

Are you a fan of Selena's songs, or do you think it's time for her to leave Justin in the past? Let us know in the comments!


by Taylor Dove | 2/25/2020