What the stars are saying about coronavirus

If the coronavirus seems like it's affecting your life big-time right now, you're not alone. Many of your favorite celebrities have taken to social media to share their experiences, offer advice and keep fans updated about what they're going through. In a world where social distancing can make you feel alone, the stars' words are sure to offer that "we're all in this together" feeling. Read on for their thoughts:

Taylor Swift is encouraging fans to take a page from her cat Meredith's book and stay home.


For Meredith, self quarantining is a way of life. Be like Meredith.

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Ariana Grande is raising awareness for what we can do to help others by supporting a bill that's making its way through Congress now. "This bill will provide people [with] necessary financial support in terms of paid sick leave/unemployment due to corona virus/isolation/prevention!" she tweeted. "Please contact your senate to support the passing of this bill!"

Meghan Trainor and Jojo Siwa know you may be stuck at home with nothing to do, so they released a behind-the-scenes video of their recent hangout sesh. 

Nick Jonas and his bros had to cancel their upcoming Las Vegas residency, which was originally slated for early April, but he reminded fans that they can still get their Nick fix by tuning into The Voice.

Sadly, Sabrina Carpenter had to alert fans that her Broadway musical, Mean Girls, had to be shut down until at least April 12. The move goes for all B-way shows in an effort to reduce crowds and slow the spread of coronavirus. She promised, though, that she'll be back quickly!

Justin Bieber shared deets about an app that helps you screen yourself for coronavirus symptoms.

Perhaps Millie Bobby Brown said it best when she reminded everyone that staying home to snuggle with your pets is a small price to pay if it means keeping an at-risk family member or neighbor safe from germs. 

How has the coronavirus impacted your life? Let us know in the comments.

by Jacqueline F. | 3/17/2020