Mckenna Grace talks SCOOB!, summer style, and the hair dare she's dying to take

Photo by: Michael Creagh

Mckenna Grace is one of our all-time faves. From her hilarious parts on TV shows like Young Sheldon and Fuller House to her best big screen moments, like Captain Marvel and Gifted, Mckenna is a talented powerhouse. 

Now, she's lending her amazing voice to yet another iconic character: The young Daphne Blake in SCOOB! 

We caught up with Mckenna to talk about everything from playing the younger version of so many iconic characters and actresses to her summer style musts. 

Girls' Life: What was it like to voice an iconic character like Daphne for SCOOB!?  
Mckenna Grace: It was amazing! My grandma actually has a video of me when I was 7 dressed up as Daphne dancing to the Ghostbusters theme song, so it feels like it was always meant to be.

GL: You've played the younger version of SO MANY amazing characters during your career including Daphne. How do you approach playing the younger version of a character? 
MG: I didn't set out to play a bunch of younger characters, but it kind of happened that way and I love it. It'll be exciting when I hopefully have a younger version of a character I'm playing. I wonder who will play it? I don't really have a set approach to how I play a character because every experience is so different. I definitely try to look at the older version and do my best to become like them. One of my favorite younger versions that I've played was Young Tonya Harding. I researched the story before I played her and had this idea of who I thought she was, but during filming I really started to connect to her and had a better understanding of her childhood and what she went through. I came to really love her. I still talk to the real Tonya and she is lovely. It was also really fun to get to ice skate. 

GL: You dyed your hair brunette for a couple of roles recently. Was it scary to try such a different look? Would you consider dying your hair bright red like Daphne? Are there any haircuts/colors/etc. that are still on your bucket list to try out? 
MG: It can be a little scary because my hair has been through a lot. I have a really amazing hair colorist, Matt Rez who does all my different colors no matter what movie I'm on. I feel safe because I know he will never fry my hair or mess it up. I would love to do bright red! I have always wanted to have rainbow colored hair and my Mom said she would let me if I wasn't an actress. I ended up getting some clip-ins that I love. 

Did you get to record dialogue with any of your SCOOB! castmates? What was it like getting to work with Iain on a movie since you've already worked together for a few years on Young Sheldon
MG: I didn't record with anyone else because voice over is done differently. You go into a studio by yourself to record. It's funny, because in the movie the young characters are going trick or treating together and I went trick or treating with Iain in real life this past Halloween and the year before that I went trick or treating with Ariana Greenblatt (who plays young Velma).

GL: What summer styles/trends are you most excited about this year? Do you have any summer style tips you can share?
MG: I'm excited for summer because I love wearing dresses. I'm definitely not the person to ask for style tips because I really don't put a lot of thought into what I wear. If it looks cute and feels comfortable I'll wear it!

SCOOB! is available for both Premium Video on Demand and premium digital ownership on May 15th. Click here to find a place to buy or rent the movie yourself!

by Kayleigh R. | 5/14/2020