WATCH: Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson surprise a theater group on Zoom

In the time of COVID-19, group Zooms have become pretty commonplace ... but this one kind of tops them all. The theater group at Leavenworth Senior High in Mississippi put on a special production of Disney’s Descendants: The Musical in February, and they had two very special guests on their reunion Zoom — Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson!

The stars offered words of encouragement to the students, who finished out the school year virtually and hadn't seen each other in months.

“It’s been a really beautiful thing to see that even though we’ve never been more physically isolated, we’ve also in an incredible way have never been more connected. Look at us, when would we have been able to do this? You know, all of us here in this moment,” Sofia said. “And we actually got to see parts of what you guys created for the Descendants musical, and it was really phenomenal. It really blew us away.”

Check out the video below for the students' priceless reactions (and their *amaze* rendition of "Space Between":



by Jacqueline F. | 6/22/2020