JoJo Siwa's hair is transforming and we are *so* here for it

JoJo Siwa—first of Dance Moms, now of YouTube and TikTok fame—is known for breaking boundaries when it comes to her signature blonde ponytail adorned with a bow. Lucky for us, she's chronicling her hair journey across social media! While JoJo has made a name for herself attached to her sleek golden locks, her confidence to rock any look can help us to embrace our own hair creativity.

On May 18, JoJo teased her viewers with the viral "Wipe It Down" Tik Tok challenge, in which she cleaned off her mirror and showed her natural waves for a few seconds. Check out our first look at JoJo's transformation.

Image: JoJo Siwa via Entertainment Tonight

JoJo took it a step further on June 28, revealing over TikTok and Instagram that she had dyed her tresses a dark brown, with possible reddish undertones. Many commented their praise, including JoJo's YouTuber friend and collaborator Colleen Ballinger (Miranda Sings), who wrote: "Now we look like real life sisters." Though not the JoJo we're used to, brunette is certainly the JoJo we love!

Image: JoJo Siwa via Daily Mail

But, nothing gold can stay—or in this case, can't stay away—and JoJo's blonde was back on July 1. She proclaimed, "Brown hair was fun...but blonde is my thing!" and we couldn't agree more. Cheers to JoJo for showing us how to own any look; confidence is the most important accessory!


by Maggie Chipman | 7/3/2020