Dixie D'Amelio is ready to get back in the studio after releasing "Be Happy"

The world can't get enough of Dixie D'Amelio, and we are *so* on board. From her hilariously honest Twitter presence to her quirky TikToks with little sis Charli, Dixie was already taking the digital world by storm. And then she made the move to top it all: Showing off her vocal chops with the release of "Be Happy."

In just over a month, Dixie has taken the pop music world by storm. After peaking at #1 on Billboard's Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart, the track is currently featured in four different Spotify editorial playlists, including Pop Rising: Early Bets and Summer Hits. "Be Happy" is also still in the United States Viral 50 on the platform, sitting at #41 at the time of writing.

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But Spotify is not the only place hosting a Dixie takeover. On August 5, Dixie sat down with Brooke Reese for Apple Music to discuss the song, the accompanying music video and what comes next for her music career outside of the influencer life.

Though Dixie isn't the writer on the track, the lyrics hit home. There are plenty of societal pressures to stay upbeat during a taxing time on mental health, and the relatability of the moment made "Be Happy" that much more exciting for Dixie to take on.

"Well, I didn't write it. Christian Medice wrote it and the song was just played for me and I fell in love with it because the lyrics meant so much to me," Dixie told Brooke. "But then, when we started going through and quarantine started happening and everyone felt unhappy, I realized how everyone could relate to the lyrics, especially right now. And that's why it meant so much more and I was so excited to sing it."

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Equipped with a mask, gloves and the art of social distancing, Dixie explained that she recorded the track at her manager's in-home studio for roughly nine hours at a time. The music video, which features Dixie singing about the ups and downs of emotions in various locations from a modern staircase to a gorgeous pool, was filmed at the D'Amelio household (with social distancing, ofc).

Both experiences were obvi v. exciting for Dixie; while she def started out with nerves, they ultimately had a positive impact. Listen to Dixie talk about making the music vid below!

For fans, the song and music video drop are exciting as it is, but they won't be the last we see of Dixie's musical side. As for what is next beyond "Be Happy," Dixie doesn't have it all planned out just yet. But there is one thing she knows for certain: it's time to get back to work.

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"Definitely just getting back into the studio as soon as possible," Dixie told Brooke. "I really want to start writing my own songs. But I'm just excited to keep going and trying all of this because it's just so exciting, and so new and fresh. So, I can't wait."

Check out the full episode of Brooke Reese's show here, and follow Dixie on Insta and Twitter to keep up!

Slider image from Brooke Reese, Apple Music


by Logan Potter | 8/8/2020