We talked to Coco Quinn about her newest song (+ filming the *cutest* music vid)

You know Coco Quinn from taking over your Insta feed with her sooo chic 'fits, shaking up the dance world, hanging with her fellow top young influencers or shining on the small screen of Brat TV's Chicken GirlsBut this social media superstar is *also* an up-and-coming singer—and we've got the deets on her latest cover: "Baby" by Madison Beer. 

Girls' Life What inspired you to cover this song?

Coco: I really love Madison's voice and style. Her music videos are always *so* good (a personal fave of Coco's: "Selfish"). She created her career by singing on social media and performing covers at around my age. I see how far she has come and I hope to be just as successful.

GL: What does the song mean to you?

Coco: It's all about girl power and finding self-confidence.

GL: What makes Madison a role model of yours?

Coco: I feel like she writes songs that tell about her life and her stories and that young people can relate to.

GL: Best part of filming the "Baby" music video?

Coco: I really loved the location where we filmed: RagDoll Pink Palace. It was like a life-sized dollhouse. The walls are pink and red, which are my favorite colors, and it has a vintage theme and lots of fun props. It was so fun filming TikToks in every room, too!

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by Katherine Hammer | 10/13/2020