We are *loving* Adele in her Saturday Night Live debut


This past Saturday pop sensation Adele said Hello to the Saturday Night Live Stage and to our surprise not to perform but to host! 

“My album is not finished, and I am also too scared to do both. I would rather just put on some wigs, and this is all mine by the way… and see what happens,” Adele chuckles.

This is not Adele's first appearance on the SNL stage. She was the musical guest in 2008 and credits the stage early on in the monologue for breaking her career in America.

Perhaps the best performance of the night, the adaptation of the hit show The Bachelor, which portrays Adele as the least liked contestant. During the scene, she randomly breaks out in various performances to sing her hit singles including, Someone Like You, When We Were Young and the record-breaking Hello. The other women are clearly annoyed with the pop star for continuously sabotaging their time with lover Ben K creating a *hilarious* prologue.

Adele's charm sets the tone for the night, and for the remaining sketches, Adele allows her personality to shine through with her witty delivery, even breaking character during one scene.

Adele proved she doesn't need to pick up a mic in order to be a standout.


by Samantha Dorisca | 10/26/2020