We broke down the drama between Ariana Grande and TikTokers

In just the past week, drama has broken out between Ariana Grande and all of the popular TikTokers. In case you missed it, we have *all* the deets.

On October 30, Ariana Grande spoke on the Zach Sang Show, talking *all* about her newest album. During the interview, things took a turn when Grande shaded TikTokers for being out during the pandemic, making a sly comment about Saddle Ranch, the highly-coveted hang out spot for most popular TikTokers these days.

It didn't take long for stars to take to social media and respond to the comments. Dixie D'Amelio, who has been spotted several times at Saddle Ranch since COVID-19, was asked about her opinions on Grande's comments. "I don't really know what to think. I mean, she's right. She's right, yeah. She's a queen. I love her," she says. 

Addison Rae, yet *another* regular at the celebrity hotspot, shared her thoughts to Pap Galore while walking with Bryce Hall. "I think it's fair," Addison says, "I think it's understandable. I definitely have been not going. I just have been trying to stay in and work out... Saddle Ranch is like a TikToker's playground right now," she later adds.

Fans were *not* happy with Rae's comments, noting she has reportedly been spotted at Saddle Ranch twice in the last month.

As expected, not everyone took it so well. Bryce Hall, Addison's longtime rumored boyfriend, spoke on the Hollywood Raw Podcast and did *not* hold back. "She's not wrong but like unnecessary. Yeah. It's unnecessary to call out a specific group, especially when there's other people doing it," Bryce says. He later accused Ariana of using it as a marketing scheme so that people would agree.

Since then, TikTokers have stayed quiet on the issue. Though these stars may have had good intentions, we are proud of Ariana for speaking up on such a serious topic.

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by Eres Croker | 11/10/2020