Audrey Grace Marshall spills about her newest thriller, fashion faves and giving back

HBO Max's newest original series, The Flight Attendant, follows the story about how someone's *entire* life can change in only one night. For Audrey Grace Marshall, it has. 

Audrey Grace is an up-and-coming young actress (and NYC fashionista!) committed to being her best self on *and* off the screen. 

She's previously starred in Netflix's The Last Summer and Marvel's Jessica Jones. Now, Audrey Grace stars as Young Cassie (alongside Kaley Cuoco) in this new high-profile comedic thriller.

Girls' Life spoke with Audrey Grace to get *all* the details about playing the part, finding her style and giving back.

GL: Can you spill about your role in The Flight Attendant?

AG: It was really fun! It was a dark and serious role, which is different than a lot of normal kid roles, but those are the roles I really enjoy. I like playing parts that feel real and authentic. Young Cassie has a lot of issues and internal struggles that most kids don't have to deal with which makes her an interesting character.

GL: How do you *really* connect with your character?

AG: First, I read the book so I could learn as much as I could about her personality. She's a sad character—she's got a lot of problems and her family isn't normal. She makes a lot of bad choices, but reading the books and the script really made me see why she made those choices. That helped me bring 'Young Cassie' to life. 

GL: When did you film the series?

AG: We started filming around last November and then we had to shut down in March for about seven or eight months. The pandemic made everything all warped, but now it's a year later for one season and it's finally coming out!

GL: Tell me your fave behind-the-scenes moment. 

AG: My favorite story is getting to keep the necklace Young Cassie and Adult Cassie wear throughout the season. Kaley Cuoco gave it to me as a gift on my last day. It's a gold charm with a little rose gold bunny, and bunnies are significant to the show and in my real life. I have a bunny myself, so the necklace means a lot to me.

GL: You're starring in a dark comedic thriller—what's it like acting in *such* a dramatic part?

AG: It was really intense and sometimes really emotional. Cassie deals with some serious stuff as the series goes on. As an actor I have to go to those dark places to portray the chracter naturally and give an authentic performance. I'm an emotional person and I've got a lot of empthay, so it wasn't too hard for me.

GL: What do you love the most about acting? 

AG: I *love* the creativity. The script is written (of course), but I get to make my own choices and bring an attribute to the project. That's what I love the most—getting to make the character my own. 


Artsy-things: Making slime

Dessert: M&M McFlurry from McDonald's

Song: "Watermelon Sugar" by Harry Styles

TV show: Dash and Lily

Christmas movie: Home Alone

Skincare: Sonya Dakar

GL: Who are your role models in acting and everyday life?

AG: My role model in acting is Kaley Cuoco. She was a child actor so she knows what it's like. It's a lot harder to try and find more serious roles because most of the time people think kids can't do it. 

In real life, my role models are strong women like my mom, my grandma and my sister. They always taught me that I can do anything. They didn't put limits on what I wanted to achieve, and now here I am.

GL: I have to ask—are you following any fashion trends this winter?

AG: I don't really follow the trends too much. I love vintage, classic clothing that's timeless. Of course I've got a few cool things but I like unique patterns and layering. I *love* big blanket scarves for the winter—they're so fun! It's like carrying a giant blanket around.

GL: What's your advice for girls to find their style *and* build confidence?

AG: Wear what you love and what makes you feel good. If you feel great and it builds confidence, that's way more fashionable than *any* trendy outfit. 

Do what you love and if you've got a dream, don't put any limits on it. If somebody isn't supportive, block everything negative out. Stay thankful and be humble. 

GL: Why is philanthropy important to you?

AG: I'm currently not hands-on, but I love *any* organization devoted to animals, especially Susie's Senior Dogs. They do a lot of great work like giving homes to older dogs (that are super sweet!). Their Instagram is @susiesseniordogs—they *always* post their senior dogs that are up for adoption! The link is in their bio, and every donation counts. 

GL: What's next for you in the acting world?

AG: Next year I have a new film coming out—it's called Mother. It's a horror movie and it's pretty scary. It's a good one so keep your eye out!

I hope the coronavirus goes away so we can go back to normal and I can get back to new projects and continue acting. It's tough, but I'm glad that forThe Flight Attendant we were able to get back to it and it's coming out!

GL: What are you *most* excited for this winter? 

AG: I'm *really* excited for The Flight Attendant to come out! I'm going to binge it—I don't care if I'm in it and I know exactly what happens in the end. I'm still going to watch it. I'm most excited for everyone else to see it!

The Flight Attendant premieres November 26 on HBO Max!

Images: Heidi Marshall


by Katherine Hammer and Allie Lijewski | 11/24/2020