What’s the deal with Sienna Gomez and Jack Wright?

Unless you have been living under a rock (or don't have TikTok... which is basically the same thing tbh), you know who Sienna Gomez is: the body positivity *queen* has grown her platform on the app to over 10 million followers over the past few months. There is a major mystery surrounding her love life as she has been spotted getting *quite* flirty with Hype House member Jack Wright. Soooooo aree they dating, or not? Here are some of the potential couple's cutest moments so far: 


@jack.wright and I have beef cuz he said he doesn’t like 🐿💨

♬ original sound - spicylatina

The beginning 

Way back in early September, Sienna shared this silly BTS video from an interview that she and Jack did together. You can tell even from their first posts that they love to tease each other and have fun together! 


putting a lil culture in @jack.wright life😛😛😛

♬ sonido original - ROD🥴

When they became dance partners

These two have some *serious* moves! And talk about chemistry.... 


@petroutv floored it @siennamae

♬ smack my blank like a drum - andy war

When they cuddled in the car 

Thomas Petrou, one of the founders of the Hype House, exposed Jack and Sienna when he filmed a TikTok of them snuggling up in the back of his car. Can we just say they look *adorable* together?!

@siennamae ♬ Peek-A-Boo - Trap Beckham

When they went swimming together 

Sienna doesn't live at the Hype House, but she spends a *ton* of time there. She posted this TikTok of Jack's sneak attack while she was having some poolside fun. 


our version of this sound😛

♬ Calvin Harris- Feel So Close - kaylie altman

When they took part in a trend 

Jack and Sienna are always participating in TikTok couple trends with each other. Their nighttime beach dates look *super* fun! 


Reply to @aesv.i we’re just REALLY close

♬ we kissed ONCE - 🦋

When they confessed to kissing! 

In this video, Sienna and Jack lip-synch over an audio clip saying that they "kissed once." We think it might've been more than once, but whatever you say! 


no need 4 this👕

♬ original sound - spicylatina

When Sienna stole Jack's shirt 

Ok, this was just plain funny. Does anyone else wish they could third-wheel with them?


BROTHER IN LAW SIGNED TO STANFORD TODAY!!!! so fckn proud of u @jameswrightt ❤️❤️❤️

♬ Remi Wolf - Photo ID - jk007

When Sienna celebrated his brothers' college acceptance

After Jack's twin brother James committed to Stanford on a swimming scholarship, Sienna posted a fun original dance with him and a caption saying, "BROTHER IN LAW SIGNED TO STANFORD TODAY!!!! so ***** proud of u." It's good to see she's close to Jack's family! 


sienna and i ready for the holidays

♬ this is our dance give credit lol - kara

When they wore matching Christmas PJs 

This basically settles it... they are definitely #couplegoals.

The verdict: While Jack and Sienna haven't officially announced that they are together, we think they might be! They are certainly super close with one another and if they aren't dating yet, they'd make a perf couple ;) 

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by Lexi Casazza | 11/23/2020